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It may seem scary, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

We get it…having employees is how things have always been done, but here’s the reality. Websites use to be the money maker for digital agencies and having dedicated employees made the most sense. But now — the money makers in a digital agency are SEO and marketing related. Websites are still needed to facilitate the plans of the marketing team. Because of this it has become clear there is a large gap between employee salary and quality of work.

Aesthetic & Function removes the need for full-time employees to handle the web aspect of your business. We do this by stepping in as a complete department for less cost than an employee and increased quality.



Pay us a simple flat rate every month. No need to pay taxes, benefits, equipment, office space, and all of the costs associated in having employees.


To put it simply — you get the experience and level of work of a senior team for less than the cost of a junior employee.


We have been at this for years and our success comes from being efficient in getting your work done in the timeframe you need it within the budget you have for it.


We want strong communication with our clients and work to be involved in what is going on in your business. Oh yea, and we're not afraid to pick up the phone.



"But we need people in house!". We have yet to be presented with a situation where this was the case. If there ever was one though, we are open to travel.


Sure, we may not be in your office and experience the day to day culture, but communication is so important to us it becomes easy to grasp your companies culture.


We haven't found any true cons that have stopped us from helping our clients. We had to put some downsides here though right?

It starts with a phone call.

One clever page of written content isn’t going to really push you in one direction or the other. Communication is important to us and we prefer to start every relationship with an honest conversation. You can tell us about your business and what you do, and we can help to show you how we might fit. Or, in some situations, we might even tell you we don’t think we are a good fit. We want you to reach out.

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