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Phillip Dale

Designer, Bachelor, Coach

I started young, I designed and developed my first website at 13 years old on a free Angelfire account. I spent days trying to figure a way to hack the site in a way where I could hide the mandatory advertisement. I didn’t realize it but I had started down the path of being a problem solver. Fast forward 19 years and I am still working that same problem. Albeit instead of hiding a mandatory advertisement, it’s working to improve the user experience through design and interaction. You know…the aesthetic side of things…(que the audience)



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RJ McCollam

Developer, Maker, Builder

I really enjoy understanding how things work and being able to make something from nothing. I have been doing that on the web since 2008. I learned quickly, that even though I appreciate great design, I am not a designer (hence the dude above me ↑) and found my sweet spot developing. I do fit a decent amount of stereotypes that surround developers, but I have spent a number of years in both direct interaction with clients as well as managing departments who do. So while I spend a lot of time writing code I also put a lot of effort into the way the things I build are used, and don’t hide in a closet every time someone wants a quick phone call.

Kidding aside, I take pride in what I do and am focused on a solid end product. I’m not sure how to say it without sounding cheesy, but my focus is creating strong and lasting relationships with the people I work with.